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Marina Randazzo was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. She studied at Concordia University in Montreal, OCAD in Toronto, and independently in Florence, Italy. She is endlessly inspired by her city surroundings and interprets them tenaciously in her home studio. Her work is shown in many events and locations around the city.

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Life is a beautiful mess! It is hectic, it is scattered, it is unpredictable; and then, every once in a while, things come together and something special happens. Through paint and various media, I try to capture this randomness in life on canvas. I absorb and interpret characters, infrastructure, and the world we live in. Energetic and loose brush strokes come together to form edges creating an interesting accident.

I focus on three areas, all very personal to me: Figurative, Industrial, and Landscape.

  • Figurative: Reading the paper, riding the train, park benches, too much to drink… these acts or images not prolific, yet I find something grandiose and special in them. In their stance, their posture, somehow I ‘feel a story’.
  • Industrial: Such masterful creations, Hamilton’s Industry. On the backs of these Mighty Dragons; families were fed, a generation educated, a city forged. They leave me in awe. My study of them, never-ending.
  • Landscape: Safe, beautiful refuge! Someone special to me once said, “You don’t realize how tiny you are until you’re surrounded by some serious geography!” Everything is quietly, perfectly put into perspective in nature. The places I paint are local spots, close to home. I missed a ton of school roaming along those paths and through those trees! They fill me with a sense of pride and connection. There isn’t another country on earth that compares to ours!

Generally, I struggle somewhat with “Artists’ Statements”… I find they can be intrusive, almost an interruption between the viewer and the piece.

Something very special happens quite instantly when we look at ‘art’; a connection. I would hate to go ahead and spoil that connection with my version or interpretation that may bias the viewer right off the bat. I might as well be whispering in your ear, “Psst! … Hey! … There’s no Santa!”

I am so fortunate in life to be able to use and transform paint into expression. An outlet that vicariously empowers and encourages me to do the same on and off the canvas.

I can’t thank you—the viewer—enough for looking, watching, feeling, or whatever else may have happened while glancing at my work!

Thank you again,



Our Homes Magazine

The Hamilton Spectator

Awards and Nominations

2017 City of Hamilton Visual Arts Award

Each year, citizens nominate artists for consideration by independent juries who choose 20 notable artists to honour for their excellence in 11 disciplines.

Marina is a nominee for the Visual Arts award this year. The Awards Presentation will take place on Wednesday June 7, 2017 as part of Hamilton Arts Week.

2017 Festitalia Arts and Culture Award

Marina is the winner of the Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Award this year. The 6th Annual Festitalia Italian Heritage Awards of Distinction dinner will be held at Michelangelo’s Banquet Centre on Thursday, June 1st to kick off Italian Heritage Month.

Exhibit History

  • May 2017 West Hamilton Artists Tour, WHAT
  • June 2016 Art@231 Studio Gallery, Solo Exhibit, “Thoughts”
  • May 2016 West Hamilton Artists Tour, WHAT
  • September 2015 Art@231 Studio Gallery, Collective Artists Exhibit
  • August 2015 McMaster Innovation Park, “Art in the Workplace”
  • June 2015 Joseph D Carrier Gallery, Toronto, “Viva Vitalita Show”
  • April 2015 Art@231 Studio Gallery, Solo Exhibit, “People and Places”
  • September 2014-Present Supercrawl and monthly Art Crawls, Hamilton
  • May 2014-Present “The Residences of Royal Connaught”, Hamilton; Commissioned to create a series of industrial works as an homage to the landmark building, Mezzanine level, and Model suite.
  • December 2011-Present Various Retailers and Restaurants: Lake Road Restaurant, Peter Martin Appliances, UpCountry Furniture, Lofty Ambitions Furniture, Earth Shake Restaurant, The Alex Restaurant, Brant St. Burlington, Rousseau House Restaurant, Wilson St. Ancaster
  • April 2001-April 2015 Dundas Valley School of Art, Annual Fundraising Art Auction
  • March 2000 Ontario Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, “The Women’s Art Show”

Media Coverage

  • December 2016 Our Homes Magazine, Hamilton Winter Issue, Front Cover and Feature Story, Editor’s Note and pages 22-25, http://www.ourhomes.ca/hamilton/archive/569
  • September 2016 Our Homes Magazine, Niagara Fall Issue
  • February 11, 2016 The Hamilton Spectator, GO column, “A Delectable Place to Dine”
  • December 2015 Our Homes Magazine, Hamilton Winter Issue, page 20
  • April 2015 The Hamilton Spectator, GO column, “A Fine Balance”, Cover story http://www.thespec.com/whatson-story/55752930haggo-a-fine-balance/
  • March 2015 Our Homes Magazine, Hamilton Spring Issue, Front Cover and Feature Story, pages 34-38, http://www.ourhomes.ca/hamilton/archive/452
  • March 2000 The Hamilton Spectator, Weekend and Arts, “Show Shines a Spotlight on Women’s Roles”

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